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A Lost Document Recovered



The following is a transcription of a newspaper clipping from the Trenton True American, as found in the NJ State Archives records.  The notice is dated April 29: no year is given, but the True American ceased publication in1913.  The piece is entitled “An old memorial.”   I*  here reproduce the entire text:


"Yesterday, in looking over a number of old papers in the Quartermaster General’s office, General PERRINE found the following memorial from the celebrated Rev. WM. TENNENT, of the Tennent Meeting House at Manalapan, near Freehold:


"To His Excellency WILLIAM FRANKLIN, Esq., Captain General and Commander-in Chief of the Province of New Jersey. The Honorable members of His Majesties Council and the Gentlemen of the General Assembly: The memorial of the Rev. WILLIAM TENNENT. Your memorialist begs leave to observe that he was employed by his Excellency FRANCIS BERNARD, Esq., late Governor of this Province, to Prepare the Indians for their Removal from Cranbury to Brotherton, and to attend them and settle them there.

That in obedience to said Directions he contracted with Persons for supplying them with wagons, and did attend and settle them at Brotherton. That your memorialist has been informed the expenses of said wagons and charges of Removal have been paid. But that no allowance has hitherto been made to your memoralist [sic], who expended a fortnight at his own charges in this service.  He therefore Prays that it may be taken into consideration and that he may receive such satisfaction as may appear just and Reasonable to make him. I am, Gentlemen,

Your Humble Serv’t,  WM. TENNENT.

FREEHOLD, May 27th, 1765.


The sum of £ 3 was allowed on the above memorial."


*  Researched by Greg Guderian, sent to R. Walling, January, 2008

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