Gnadenhutten Massacre

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Victims Grouped by Family
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Based upon Fliegel Index (Id. #)

Monument to victims, Gnadenhutten, Ohio


Johann Martin (248)

son Anton (748)

son Paulus (No #)

Rebecca (874) sister to Lucia below

son Johann Thomas (1399) b. 1777

Lucia (759) sister to Rebecca above

husband Lucas (758) alias Netoochghallent

Phillipus, Jr. (128) Mohican

wife Eleanora (Lorel on list) (587)

daughter Sara (1386) b. 1/1778

[son Thomas (622), was scalped, but feigned death and escaped]

Joseph Schebosch (457)

Abraham (212) Mohican

Maria Elisabeth (579) daughter of Marcus and Anna

These were the grown sons, daughter and grand daughter of Daniel Martin & Johanna, and the nephews and niece of Johann Martin

Gottlieb (662)

Benjamin (1315), he was first identified as a victim, but actually a survivor, later known as John

Rahel (771)

her daughter Johanna (not in Fliegel index)

Hanna (1363), daughter of Petrus and Mary, grand daughter of Joseph Peepy

her unnamed sister (No #)

Christina (134) Mohican

Margaretha (No #) Mohican

Lucas (No #) a boy - no parents listed





Abel (838) widower

son Jonas (1436) b. 9/1781

Heinrich (751) his father was a Cherokee, and mother a Unami

Nicolaus (779)

wife Johanna Sabina (867) daughter of Glikhican

son Timotheus (No #), a boy, named on Salem list

Bathseba (No #)

sister Anna (541)



Heinrich (824)

wife Johanna Salome (851) sister of Maria Susanna

Maria Susanna (832) sister of Johanna Salome

Jonas (776) son of Joe Peepy Whole family massacred

wife Amalia (777)

daughter Lea (1353) b. 10/1775

daughter Anna Christina (1390) b. 3.1778

daughter Elisabeth (886) b. 1/1780

Adam (879) alias Wulalowechen Whole family massacred

wife Cornelia (791)

daughter Anna Elisabeth (1432) b. 4/1781

Isaac (Glikhican) (659) Most of family massacred

wife Anna Benigna (862)

[see daughter Johanna Sabina on Schonbrunn list]

Anna Rosina (868) big girl

Hanna (635) wife of Joe Peepy (who was possibly at massacre)

grandson Marcus (1339) b. 2/1775 (these are the children of Anton Peepy)

grand daughter Gertraud (1388) b. 1/1778

grandson Christian Gottlieb (1433) b. 5/1781

Ludwig (744) son of Hanna's first husband; stepson of Joe Peepy

wife Ruth (833)

Michael (829) son of Hanna's first husband, stepson of Joe Peepy

Christian (256) Most of family massacred

wife Augustine (569) daughter of Job Chelloway

daughter Christiana (1350)

Samuel Moore (664)

Tobias (729) alias Melimius

daughter Salome (887) big girl

Israel (849) a chief, alias Capt. Johnny (his wife was white)

son David (885)

[son Jacob, (857) witnessed the impending doom, and made his escape]

Johannes (842) alias Netanewand

son Joseph (1375) b. 11/1776

Marcus (892) a Delaware from Wabash

Paulus (888) alias Sesapsit

Judith (761) an old widow

Benigna (1368) girl, daughter of Sem and Lucia

Catharina (727) adult, daughter of Nathanael Davis

Jonathan (1346) boy, b. 5/1775 son of Nathanael and Anna Johanna

Christina (1422) girl, b. 9/1780 daughter of Gideon and Sara

Martha (883) big girl, b. 1768 daughter of Helena

Anna Salome (1440) girl no parents listed

Scappihillen (No #) unbaptized husband of Helena

Anton (1443) boy, no parents listed

Christian (No #) boy, no parents listed

Gottlob (696) big boy, no parents listed

Petrus (not on Fliegle list), big boy

Johannes (465) big boy, son of Zacharias and Elisabeth

Juliana (773) daughter of Phoebe

end of named victims

Other survivors:

Benjamin, age 8, taken by a white soldier and raised (source; Heckewelder)

Tobias (638), son of Sam Evans who was a half-brother of Teedyuscung

Other victim:

Infant who died of lack of feeding amongst the Schonbrunn refugees on their way to Sandusky.

Heckewelder claims there were 96 Christian Indian victims at Gnadenhutten, Zeisberger enumerated 90 (one of whom was actually a survivor).

Compiled by Richard Walling, October 2005